kick off

Where the boxingring meets the dancefloor

‘The one-of-a-kind event with a fuse of fights and festivity. This dance is for you!’


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K.O. 3.o will be held on the 11th of May.

a kickboxing competition like no other.
We ain’t got time for that ghetto shit and we certainly got no time for posh affairs. We are KICK OFF, and we like it a bit different

We stand for quality fights, respect, friendship and celebration for fighters and visitors

WHO dis

we are kick off

Our vision is to inspire and motivate people who are eager to train and write a new chapter in their lives. We promote mental and physical health with high-intensity kickboxing workouts that engage the whole body. KICK OFF is not just ‘practicing a sport’, but a holistic approach to nourish the body and mind while working on strength, stamina, and flexibility.

We understand the need for a reset in today’s fast-paced world. Our KICK OFF challenge offers participants a chance to let go of everyday pressures and achieve mental clarity and resilience. It’s an opportunity to discover their inner fighter and embrace a fresh start.

Our training program is designed to accommodate busy lifestyles, allowing participants to train at their own pace and convenience while balancing work, family, and personal commitments. Join us and unlock a new level of mental and physical well-being that will positively impact your life far beyond the competition!

FOR Competitors

We are the kickboxing competition for everyone who is dedicated enough. This one’s for you if you work in the dance industry, or like to party. Or when you don’t, but you’re just that cool kid… Or when you’re a major geek and that’s what you like to be.

But at least this one is for you when you are dreaming and wondering.. ‘’How does it feel to eat, sleep, train like a real pro?’’ Join the challenge. This is an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life. This is for you!

FOR visitors

This is for:

Everyone who wants to support their colleague, their family or their friends. Everyone who likes to see fights. Everyone who wants a day out that is different from ‘just a sports event’ or ‘just another party’.

Everyone who likes a full experience.

Interested in participating?

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Our goal is to be the most spectaculaire boxing event you have ever seen


At KICK OFF we do things slightly differently


We’re all about the vibe.
You can expect us to have thought of everything. Not only are the matches really cool to watch, but we think it’s important that everyone has a good time. The DJ makes it a party, just like the ring speaker and there is plenty to do. There is good food and nice people. Anything you want.
KICK OFF is a day of celebration. We celebrate the growth of everyone in the ring, everyone who completed the journey, that we get to stand together and cheer and that we are who we want to be. An experience for all.