We welcome sponsorship opportunities to collaborate with KICK OFF and contribute to our mission of promoting health and wellness through kickboxing.

As a sponsor, you’ll have the chance to align your brand with our dynamic and inspiring events, gaining exposure to a diverse audience of fitness enthusiasts, boxing fans, and individuals from the dance industry.

By sponsoring KICK OFF, you’ll be supporting a unique platform that encourages physical fitness, mental resilience, and team building. Your brand will be showcased in front of our engaged community, which includes participants and media coverage. We offer customizable sponsorship packages that can be tailored to suit your specific marketing objectives, providing you with a range of benefits such as brand visibility, logo placement, promotional opportunities, and social media exposure.

Partnering with KICK OFF not only demonstrates your commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, but also presents an opportunity to connect with our enthusiastic community, including individuals from the dance industry, and showcase your brand’s values and offerings. Join us in creating an impactful and meaningful experience for our participants, while gaining valuable brand exposure and association with a dynamic and growing fitness event. Contact us to explore sponsorship opportunities and collaborate with KICK OFF!