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Diving into KICK OFF is an awesome choice

You’re on the crossroad to shake things up in the best way possible. This event is all about embracing the challenge, both physically and mentally.

Get ready to unleash your inner powerhouse as you conquer high-intensity kickboxing workouts that’ll have you feeling like a total badass. But it’s not just about the sweat and the punches.. KICK OFF is a gateway to a whole new level of mental clarity and resilience.

It’s a chance to leave those everyday pressures behind, connect with a supportive community of kickboxing enthusiasts, and create memories that’ll fuel your fire long after the event. So, lace up those gloves, join the KICK OFF crew, and get ready to rock your world with an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let’s kick some serious butt together!

Here's what to expect

The training period is starts 3,5 months upfront the event. When you like to join the next edition, hit the ‘Interest form’ button below and fill in your name, email and phone number. We’ll contact you in December or January to tell you some more about the process.

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