WHO dis

Who are we?

Hi! We are Max and Jade.

We are 34 and 32 years old and live in Amsterdam. We both participated in our first boxing competition in 2022. Both for different reasons but with the same goal and mindset we saw each other day in and out at the gym. The place where all fairytales start right?

Our road to the ring went with highs and lows. Some days we wanted to throw our gloves on the ground (or at each other), the other day it couldn’t get any better. Leveling up month by month, week by week and day by day.

The matchday was something. We both did different competitions one month after each other. For both of us a day we will never forget. This was the moment to show what you’ve worked for. This moment is not to describe with words. We never felt like this before, which made us realize that this was an experience to share. And so, KICK OFF was born.

But enough about us!

Are you ready for a game that will change your mindset forever? Are you ready to write a new chapter with us?

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