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Whers is KICK OFF and how do i get to the venue?

The event will be held at IJland Amsterdam at the Tt. Vasumweg 171 in Amsterdam North.

The location is easy to reach. A ferry departs regularly from Amsterdam Central Station to the NDSM wharf. Upon arrival at the wharf it is only a 6 minute bike ride to the entrance.

Parking in the area is easy, there’s enough space. Costs on the streets are €1,70 p/h till 19:00. Next to that, there’s a parking garage, only a 5 minute walk away.

What can I expect as a visitor at the KICK OFF event?

As a visitor at the KICK OFF event, you can expect a day full of excitement and energy! You’ll have the opportunity to watch high-intensity kickboxing competitions, connect with participants and other visitors, and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere of the event. The first indoor festival boxing event you’ve ever been to. First we fight, then we dance!

Are there food and drinks available for purchase for visitors at the KICK OFF event?

Yes, we offer food and drinks for purchase at our event, we provide different options for visitors. We make sure that there’s good food available providing refreshments, snacks  and meals for visitors to enjoy during the event. Our offerings consist also vegetarian options.

Only participants are welcome to bring their own snacks or meals to the event. Visitors can’t.

How do I pay at the KICK OFF event?

KICK OFF is a pin-only event. That means you can pay the food. inthe foodcourt by pin and that you can get coins at our event that can only be paid by pin. All drinks at KICK OFF can be paid with these coins.

Upon entry, everyone will receive a deposit coin for a cup. Turn in this coin and receive a recyclable cup which can be turned in each time you get a new drink. This way we reduce the use of plastic.

Is there a dress code for visitors at the KICK OFF event?

You can dress however you want at the KICK OFF event. However, we also like to recommend wearing something with color or glitter since KICK OFF is a celebration 😉

Are there any age restrictions for visitors at the KICK OFF event?

No. There are no age restrictions for visitors of KICK OFF. Kids under 12 can come in for free, make sure they are wearing proper hearing protection. The noise can be loud.

Of Course there are age restrictions for the purchase of alcoholic drinks. (18+)

Can I be myself at KICK OFF?

Yes, KICK OFF encourages participants to be themselves and express their unique personalities. Our event promotes inclusivity, diversity, and a positive and supportive environment where participants can train, connect with others, and enjoy the experience in a way that feels authentic to them.

What safety measures do we handle at KICK OFF?

At KICK OFF, safety is a top priority. For our viditors, we have very nice and polity security guides to help you feel save.

For our participants we have very professional guidance. Our instructors are trained to ensure participants follow proper technique and guidelines during training sessions. Sparring at Fight District we do with shinpads and 16 OZ gloves. Those are mandatory.

The matches will take place with 16 OZ gloves for guys and 14 OZ gloves for girls who will be provided by the organisation (this is mandatory).

Wearing shin pads during the competition is always a possibility and even mandatory when your opponent says so. In addition, we have a very good and tight supervisor and jury (NKF) and a ring doctor on-site to handle any injuries or emergencies.

Boxing and kickboxing can look impactfull. We will provide the safest conditions possible.

I like to participate! Do I need to have kickboxing experience to participate in KICK OFF?

No, prior kickboxing experience is not necessary. KICK OFF is designed for participants of different skill levels, but without experience in the ring. We ensure that the KICK OFF program is accessible for everyone to participate.

Fill in the interest-form on the ‘for fighters’ page so we can contact you when the new group starts training.

What do I need to know before I start training?

Our event is designed to bring people together from various walks of life. Through a common goal we form a close-knit group. Everyone is going through the same thing so you help each other overcome and grow. 

We hold informational meetings to talk through all preconditions and expectations. Would you like to join after this information meeting? Then we provide a personal intake before the start of the program.


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